Return Policy

Return Policy

Respected customers usually don’t return products unless they are torn up, missed pages, and sent the wrong items or products. We follow quality control guidelines strictly. Mowla Brothers made an image for 70 years with its outstanding contribution to the publishing sector in Bangladesh. So, we never would take risks to jeopardize our reputation achieved in the long journey. Our goal is to give you books with perfect binding and quality printing. You will be happy to know: all of our books are printed in our own press (MB Press).

In cases of your discomfort and discontent with the books you have been delivered, you can return them if you meet following conditions:

a.     You can return products in 7 days. Before that, you have to notify our team through email, phone number. If you fail to notify us in a given time, we cannot proceed with your return request.

b.     You will receive the desired books in 5-7 working days after the returning process. You will be notified via phone or email when this process starts.

c.     During the ‘return process’ you have to bear the delivery/shipping charges all the way.

d.     You have to show/prove at least one cause to return a book. For example, page missing, torn up covers and pages, altered books, etc. Please note that there will be old books as we’ve come here after long a journey since 1954.

e.     The books you are willing to return must be intact and kept in their original packaging.

f.      You can have a replacement of books if there are enough books in the stock. In case of a bigger order, we can print books on your demand.

g.     You can email us: or call us anytime via number given on

h.     Generally, you have to send the books to our office address on your own. But inside Dhaka, you can take a favor: we can collect items from our pickup team.