Mowla brothers was established in 1954 and it is a renowned book publication house in Bangladesh’s publication sector since it’s inception. Mowla Brothers has published around 2000 titled books in a wide array of different categories such as creative, research/academic and thoughtful. 

An exceptional number of books published by Mowla Brothers has won several prestigious literary awards both nationally and internationally and listed here are a few: Philips Literary Award, Alaol Literary Award, Prothom Alo Award, Shishu Academy Award, Ajker Kagoj Award, Daud Award, Ananda Award, Agrani Bank Award, Aumiobhushan Award, Surma Award, Gyanpith Award and many more to include. Also to be mentioned, for best production “Professor Munir Chowdhury Award” awarded by Bangla Academy and “Chittaranjan Saha award” has been achieved by this publication house.

In 2012, “Ranna Khaddo Pushti”, published by Mowla Brothers, won the title for 'Best Recipe book' in the world. The award was given in ‘Gourmand awards: International cook book competition’ organised in Paris.